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Epay Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional Epay lumber is the perfect material for accessorizing your Epay deck. The picture to the right is a prime example of dimensional Epay lumber that was used to construct a railing system on an elevated Epay deck. Not only is the railing a thing of beauty but it also provides the saftey that is a necessity with an elevated deck.

Do you need to buy 5/4x8 or 5/4x6 Epay for structural supports like stair treads, and inlays? How about some Epay 2x4 boards for rafters, studs, or pergola frames? Or, are you looking to build a garden bridge, dock, or other structure directly exposed to water. Thanks to the versatility of Epay wood, many homeowners are currently enjoying their home like never before.

When you call us with your needs, you’ll have access to every kind of Epay deck board and dimensional size.

There are 1x1, 2x2, and even 2x12 material available to purchase.

Do you need a custom order? Call us. We own and operate our own mills in the United States and can custom mill even odd sizes such as 3x6s.

Order Epay deck boards today and get the best hardwood on the planet for your outdoor structural supports. epay decking phone contact

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