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pre-grooved epay decking

Pregrooved Epay Decking

When you look at this picture, it’s easy to see why pre-grooved Epay decking is featured in many high-end homes. Installing pregrooved Epay is easy and requires less labor. To achieve a flawless surface use Torx-head screws and deck fasteners which need to be installed diagonally. The combination of these two factors means a tighter fit to the joist and years of reliable stability.

When it comes to building the perfect outdoor deck or patio, pregrooved Epay decking is the best material to choose. Not only will the custom milled grooves make installation less timely, but a surface without screws is going to make your friends and neighbors say "Wow."

Good looks aside, installing pregrooved Epay decking is also a great idea because it greatly reduces warping, checking, cracks, and splits. These problems are common with lesser grade decking and can be avoided when you buy Epay.

While PVC and Composite decking companies claim that their products are going to last, the truth is that only a proven material like Epay has been scientifically tested and proven to last for decades without maintenance.

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